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What are the characteristics of stone refurbished machines

Features stone refurbished machines
1, there is a fixed level of two tranches classic speed (no conversion, coarse grinding, fine grinding disc torque, grinding force stable).
2, the flexibility to replace the size of the two discs, the weight of the foot (disc pressure enough), fit the needs of different construction process of the stone floors.
3, pre-detachable flexible operation Rotary handle for feet and a large area of ??grinding and polishing, the disc may be close and the feet of grinding and polishing.
4, functional excellence, for a variety of natural and artificial stone floor; Epoxy Floor, cement floor; epoxy terrazzo, emery epoxy floor leveling, grinding and polishing, cleaning residue, cleaning and other needs of various construction processes.
5, flexible disc adapter, ordinary, equipped with two disc size (different process of construction requirements), the disc can fit a variety of stick-on, snap-round, horseshoe-shaped grinding blocks, grinding, automatic assembly line as a whole disc ( 4 inch \ 8 inch 10-inch), sized diamond grinding wheels and other abrasive disc diversity.
6, front electric lift device, removable disc most humane, while satisfying the needs adjustment (changes), different construction processes required pressure to the disc.
7, the rear vertical force horizontal grinding machine control system (more in line with customary physiological urging direction), to ensure that the level of losses horizontal grinding machine and grinding blocks.
8. Safety: boot device, stop, and lift the front lifting system are used 24V low voltage power supply. Working motor overload, earth leakage protection device.
9, stable transmission: front fuselage equipped with gear transmissions, can be linked to the level of two tranches, the motor power 100% to play, greatly enhances low speed torque force rotation axis for grinding and polishing process, the different floors and different mill polishing process needs, thus increasing the grinding, grinding and polishing effect.
10, the weight of the foot, disc withstand pressure: machine weighs 250kg, 180kg of pressure on the corresponding disc over. High hardness (such as granite, tiles, quartz sand epoxy terrazzo, epoxy, cement) and low hardness (marble, artificial marble) floor at the same time for the unit.
11, user-friendly design: front electric lift device (removable disc more humane). Rear vertical force (more ergonomic mechanics on request) machine leveling device, so that each point on the disc even force grinding, grinding (block) the level of losses. Removable movable armrests, easy easy to operate.
12, buffer damping device: output rotary disc is provided between the shaft and the compression springs, disc grinding the face of the larger notches or rugged, the machine will be a great impact, then, will cushion the damping spring effect can keep the machine steady grinding, thereby reducing operating mechanic's labor intensity.
13, movable help handle design: large-scale construction, operation technicians can use help handle the ease of operation of the machine, while grinding and polishing to remove the angular position but also help handle operation

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